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   Spirulina - shown in 1 lb package
                                         Also available in 4 oz package
     Spirulina a gift from the sea, a one celled safe algae.
Spirulina is a natural source for: Beta Carotene; Vitamin B12; Gamma Linolenic Acid; all 9 essential amino acids that the body naturally takes from food sources. [More times Beta Carotene found in Carrots; 250% more Vitamin B12 than liver; 4 times the protein found in beef, 65% more than beef that is 18% protein; protein naturally in Spirulina is 80% or more assimilated into the body; 26 times the Calcium found in milk]; Phosphorus; Niacin. Even when stored for years, in a cool, dark storage area, the nutrients are still retained in Spirulina; considered by some to be a complete food, only lacking carbohydrates, so a good supplement for those living on a Vegan diet; Complete B Complex; Trace minerals; essential Fatty Acids.
Spirulina helps the following: [when the body receives its full nutrients this is what can happen in the body] Growing Hair; Clear Eyesight; Sharpening of Hearing; Taste Buds are improved; gives increased Strength; builds the Blood, Cell, Tissues; potent health energy booster; naturally satisfies hunger; balances Blood Sugar levels; nourishes the Brain for increased mental clarity and alertness; balances RNA/DNA; boosts the Immune System; reduces Cholesterol; aids Mineral Absorption; curbs appetite; high in Chlorophyll and Iron; aids the body to cleans out toxins, poisons, which bring clarity of mind and energy.

DISCLAIMER: Our herbal products have not been approved by FDA. We do not promise,
guarantee that our herbal products will correct or heal any health issues. Our certified organic herbs are of high quality. We encourage you to be knowledgeable of your body and what you 
take into your body. It is important that you consult with your primary doctor before taking 
any of our herbs, for he knows you and your body. 

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