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My Health Battle Story

    My Cancer battle began in 2001. I had been struggling with acid reflux, but little did I realize when it had been going on for a few years, it was eating away the lining of my esophagus. 
    I used an alternative computer program that identified what was happening in my lower throat through to the opening of my stomach. It identified cancer. Immediately the Nutritionist, who was advising me, had me change my diet and take good organic herbal supplements. After 10 months, no active cancer cells were found.
     I went back to the Nutritionist and used the alternative computer program again, on Halloween daytime, 2003. What a dark day that was for me. Again active cancer was found, but this time throughout my female organs. Again back to the kill cancer diet and good supplements. 10 months later, again I was found to be active cancer free. 
     Then, the Nutritionist informed me to stay clear of sugar and foods that turn to sugar, if I was to remain cancer free, for my body, sugar is toxic.
     It has now been 12 years since I was last found to be declared active cancer free. I celebrate that 12 years this August, 2016.
     When I was healed from active cancer in 2004, and since I believed and knew prayer and God answering those prayers had brought about my healing, I promised God I wanted to pass on what I learned and to help others, who prefer to fight cancer the natural way, also come through their health battle victorious.
       Since 2004, I have spent many long hours learning about what the various herbs do to work within the human body to eradicate health problems. There is a simple formula to staying healthy, but since each person's body is unique, it does not apply to all. The simple general formula is: Keep or Get the Immune System working at its top performance and ill health does not happen within that body. So, if the Immune System is working at top performance, cancer has no chance to interrupt, rob the body of good health. God created our bodies to heal itself, but it is knowing what helps the body to do that, which is important.  Chemicals are in our air we breathe, in our food, water, so if a daily toxic cleanse is done, using the right herb [Milk Thistle for instance], good health remains. 
      I was told by my Nutritionist, who had clinics in Sweden, UK, USA, that most herbalists know that fighting cancer the natural, alternative way is 85% or more successful, but using chemicals, is only 25%, but people continue to choose the chemical route, usually due to fear of cancer and what it can lead to. Now, that was what this very knowledgeable Nutritionist told me, but of course I can only accept what he told me. I did hear of many, his method had helped to kill the killer cancer cells. But, remember, each person is unique; each person needs to know their own body well...what works and what doesn't work and it is always their choice, guided by their physician who also knows their patient's body.
        Then a few years ago, I discovered Facebook. At first it was just a good place to connect with friends and family; make new friends; play games, etc. Then I saw a Facebook ad that told about creating your own business page on their site. I did create first the Leave It To Beavers Trading Post fb page, as my husband, at the time was refinishing wood furniture. Now, that is more hobby. Then I created the Jewelry by Beavers and Restoring Life Herbs fb pages. 
        This website, is the result of years of praying, learning, working towards this goal. Now we can connect both through Facebook and the world wide web.
         Yes, this is a homebased business. We are senior citizens who live on a monthly social security income. But, with the talent my husband, Beavers has shown designing and making his one-of-a-kind, unique jewelry, I knew it was time to provide a place for him to showcase his artistry. It is now also time for me to reach those who want to regain their good health, through good natural diet and good organic herbs. So, the purpose of this web site.
          I am glad you stopped in. I hope you will take the time to look through each of our pages. If you have any health issues or are stopping by to learn for someone else, feel free to e-mail us at: admin@leaveittobeavers.com  I check my e-mail often and will reply quickly. If you want to chat with me, especially regarding the organic herbs, you will find me on Facebook at: Restoring LIFE Enterprises. There is a chat area there.
          Since I am a homebased business, I do not keep a large inventory on hand. However, my supplier has fresh herbs and the day I order them, they are packaged and sent off to me. Although their certified organic/kosher herbs are from all over the world, they make sure that the quality is kept to their high standards. 
         My supplier is an American based company. So when you order from my me, you are supporting an American company. Their growers are located all over the world and there is a program that helps the communities from where the herbs are grown and purchased from. So you are helping our American economy, while also helping financially struggling people groups around the world.
         I look forward to your business. Let's work together to lesson the impact cancer and other major diseases has on the people we love and care about.
         If you are struggling with a health issue or your loved one is, feel free to e-mail me. I have a Facebook ministry group, where prayer requests are prayed over by the members. The name of our group on Facebook is: HIS GATHERING PLACE MINISTRY.
          Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Blessings.
.....Linda Curran

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