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Health Issues Information

Acid Problems - Sage
Alzheimer's - Burdock Root; Sage
Anemia - Burdock Root; Dandelion Leaf; Fenugreek; Shavegrass; Spirulina
Arthritis - Burdock Root; Cat's Claw; Dandelion Leaf; Milk Thistle; Sage
Asthma - Burdock Root; Damiana
Auto-Immune Disorders - Milk Thistle
Bladder Problems - Dandelion Leaf; Kelp; Shavegrass
Blood - Dandelion Leaf
Bone Problems - Shavegrass
Brain Function Problems - Kelp; Shavegrass; Spirulina; Sage; Tumeric
Bug bite prevention - Burdock Root with Milk Thistle
Bursitis - Burdock Root; Milk Thistle
Cancer - Burdock Root; Cat's Claw; Kelp; Milk Thistle; Sage
   Brain - Burdock Root
   Breast - Milk Thistle; Dandelion
   Matastasizing - Burdock Root
   Prostrate - Burdock Root
   Tumors - Dandelion Leaf
Chest, Lung Problems - Damiana; Kelp
   Mucus - Fenugreek
Cholesterol - Milk Thistle, Spirulina
Chronic Fatigue - Milk Thistle
Constipation - Dandelion Leaf
Diabetes - Dandelion Leaf; Fenugreek; Shavegrass; Spirulina; Bilberry
    Lowers Blood Glucose - Milk Thistle; Shavegrass; Sage
Digestive Problems - Kelp; Milk Thistle; Sage
Electrolytes - Dandelion Leaf
Eye Problems - Spirulina
Fibromyalgia - Burdock; Milk Thistle
Foot Infections - Shavegrass
Gallbladder Problems - Burdock Root; Milk Thistle
Gout - Burdock Root; Fenugreek; Kelp
Hair Problems - Burdock Root; Kelp; Shavegrass; Spirulina
Headaches - Fenugreek; *Feverfew*
Hearing Problems - Spirulina
High Blood Pressure - Burdock Root; Cat's Claw; Dandelion Leaf
Immune System too low - Burdock Root; Cat's Claw; Damiana; Dandelion Leaf
Intestinal Problems - Burdock Root
   Colitis - Burdock Root; Milk Thistle
   Gastrointestinal Tract - Burdock Root; Fenugreek; Kelp
   Leaky Bowel - Burdock Root
   Irritable Bowel - Milk Thistle; Sage
Kidneys - Cat's Claw; Kelp
Laxative - Damiana; Dandelion Leaf
Liver Problems - Milk Thistle; Dandelion Leaf
   Cirrosis - Milk Thistle; Dandelion Leaf
   Hepatitis C - Milk Thistle
Lupus - Burdock Root
Male Issues - Burdock Root; Damiana
   Prostrate - Burdock Root
Metabolism - Dandelion Leaf
Mouth Problems - Shavegrass
Nail Problems - Kelp; Shavegrass
Pain - Burdock Root
Parasites - Burdock Root
Parkinson's Disease - Sage
Skin Problems - Kelp
Rickets - Fenugreek
Teeth Problems - Shavegrass; Dandelion Leaf
Vertigo - Damiana
Water Retention - Damiana; Dandelion Leaf; Shavegrass
Women's Issues - Sage; Damiana
    Uterus - Sage 
Yeast Infections - Dandelion Leaf
     This is a suggested list. We are in no way suggesting or claiming these herbs will cure or eradicate these health issues. These are only listed to help you find what herb MAY help you with any health issue you are interested in.
     When you want to read more about any herb listed here, go to the left menu, click that herb page. There you will read in more detail regarding that herb.
      If you are battling health problems, always make sure you place yourself under the care of a good doctor. Feel free to send a prayer request to us at any time to   
DISCLAIMER: Our herbal products have not been approved by FDA. We do not promise,
guarantee that our herbal products will correct or heal any health issues. Our certified organic herbs are of high quality. We encourage you to be knowledgeable of your body and what you 
take into your body. It is important that you consult with your primary doctor before taking 
any of our herbs, for he knows you and your body.