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1 lb package, also comes in 4 0z 
Fenugreek, the smoker's help and those suffering with COPD
    Naturally contains Lecithin.
Health problems Fenugreek works to lessen: 
     Thins mucus, Expels mucus and Toxic wastes; Emphysema; Gout; Migraine Headaches; Lowers Blood Sugar, regulates Insulin production;  Inflamed Gastrointestinal Tract; Rickets; Anemia.  Fenugreek is a wonderful herb to help keep the sinuses and chest area clear during cold and flu season.

DISCLAIMER: Our herbal products have not been approved by FDA. We do not promise
guarantee that our herbal products will correct or heal any health issues. Our certified organic herbs are of high quality. We encourage you to be knowledgeable of your 
body and what you take into your body. It is important that you consult with your primary doctor before taking any of our herbs, for he knows you and your body.