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  1 lb and 4 oz
Dandelion Leaf 
                              [We also have Dandelion dried root available to order]
Dandelion leaf can be used in stir fry, even dried leaves. Dandelion root, dried, can be ground and made into a beverage [tastes similar to moca coffee].
    Dandelion LEAF, is that little weed found in everyone's yard that brings frustration when they see it. It is sprayed with pesticides or dug up and tossed in the garbage. 
BUT, Dandelion is one of those little natural miracle plants that should be cultivated in our herb gardens. The leaves can be used fresh in stir fry dinners and made into a healthy hot tea. The ROOTS can be harvested in the early Spring or late Fall [when the night temperatures are at freezing], then roasted to brown in an oven on a cooky sheet; ground and used as a beverage, similar to coffee, without the caffeine.

   Naturally rich in high in Vitamin A, C; high in Potassium; Calcium; Iron
Health Issues Dandelion helps:
Blood Purifier, balances the electrolytes in the blood; Diuretic; Laxative; Induces bile flow in liver, helps early stages of Cirrhosis of the liver; gall bladder support; improves tooth enamel; Antibiotic properties; helps against breast cancer and tumors; lowers high blood pressure; constipation; diabetes; arthritis; anemia; stimulates metabolism, helping weight loss; yeast infections; bladder infections. 

DISCLAIMER: Our herbal 
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issues. Our certified organic herbs 
are of high quality. We encourage 
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before taking any of our herbs, for 
he knows you and your body.