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Burdock Root

Burdock Root - Anti-Inflammatory; Immune System Support
Naturally includes - Vitamin B1, 6, 12; Vitamin E; Copper; Iron; Manganese; natural Sulfer; 
   Biotin; Zinc; Amino Acids; Mucileage
Health Issues it has shown to work against:
Gall, Kidney Stones; Cancer, Anti-Tumor [Reported to be 10,000 times stronger then chemo against cancer]; Arthritis [my arthritic fingers were crooked, after 3 months they began to straighten and no more cramping, for ME]; Mild Pain reducer - Fibromyalgia; Bursitis [Reported to lessen pain]; Gout; Urinary Infections, Enlarged Prostrate; Lupus; Stimulates Hair Growth [it helped grow my hair and my husband's where he was going bald, WE are in our early 70s]; diabetes; eczema; shingles; strengthens nails; works against measles, chicken pox, strep throat; blood purifier; safe, gentle detoxifying herb.
[My sharing how Burdock Root worked for us, does not guarantee it will work for you. Try it for yourself]
   Burdock Root has powerful Anti-tumor; Anti-fungal; Anti-inflammatory properties. 
[We personally take this with Milk Thistle, once a day, to stay healthy through the cold and flu seasons and year around].
   We do have sample, 1 oz packets to order - $5. plus $5. shipping.
For pricing, check out our Restoring Life Herbs link.

DISCLAIMER: Our herbal products have not been approved by FDA. We do not promise, guarantee that our herbal products will correct or heal any health issues. Our certified organic herbs are of high quality. We encourage you to be knowledgeable of your body and what you take into your body. It is important that you consult with your primary doctor before taking any of our herbs, for he knows you and your body.