The information offered here in regards to our Natural Herbal Supplements,
     We do not state or promise that our Herbal Supplements will CURE any disease or illness.
We offer our Natural Herbal Supplements, as they have been used by others, to help in properly giving the body the nutrients the body needs.
All our herbal products are sold to adults only, minimum age 18.
YOU are or should be in charge of Your Own Body.  Be knowledgeable; ask questions; know what works for Your Body, for each person is unique, so what works for one person, doesn't always work for everyone.  
When you purchase our Herbal Supplements, do know they are of high quality, fresh [not sitting in a warehouse for months and months]. 
     We purchase at sub-wholesale pricing and pass the savings on to You, by offering our products at discount pricing.
     We offer our high quality products to the consumer, You, however, the purchaser MUST research, be knowledgeable and be responsible for taking internally any product ordered from us. We only offer high quality products. You, the consumer makes the decision to use it and be responsible to use our products in a responsible way.

Contact your health provider [general practitioner or specialist], that is in charge of working with you for good health, before taking any product you purchase from us.
Shipping information: Shipping time: 5-7 days 
     Shipping information for our Herbal Supplements: 
     Shipping is sent via United States Post Office [USPS] - Shipping and handling cost, up to $300. order, is 15% of total order. [WA state residents pay 7.9% sales tax]
  $300. order, shipping is FREE.