Austrian Crystal Information
Currently available: Clear Crystal with item etched into crystal, etched edges. 
 Angel; Cross; Butterfly; Hummingbird; single.  
    Chain is silver plated.  Each set - $45. each
Birthstone sets: Heart pendant, stud earrings on gold plated chain:
  Current months available: January; March; July;          August; September; November; December
     -$45.00 each 
     Country of origin: Germany and Austria.
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Austrian Crystal Necklaces with silver plated chains. 
Country of origin: Germany and Austria.
    Currently available:  
    Medium size pendant:
  Angel; Cross;  Butterfly;  Unicorn;  Owl;  Rose 
     - $25 each
     Large size pendant:
  Praying Hands; Frog - $25 each