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We have Austrian Crystal Jewelry, which was mined in Austria, sent to Germany to have the image etched, by hand, into the clear Crystal. Then it is sent to the USA. We buy it direct from the importer, a high quality importer.  
  Gerald Curran [aka Beavers] has been designing and making handmade jewelry for many years. When he married me, Linda, I encouraged him to show me what he could do. Each time he creates and makes new pieces I am amazed. He started with turning Vintage and Antique jewelry into new jewelry pieces. 
Our Costume Jewelry line, is showcased on our Facebook page: Jewelry by Beavers

   Here we are showcasing the BEST, High Quality, Jewelry. The majority of the pieces showcased here was designed by Beavers; made by Beavers. Each is one of a kind piece. Just as any item handmade, no two are exactly alike. Beavers designs each of his pieces to be unique. So, when one is sold, that particular item will not be available.

   Beavers also takes orders for individually designed pieces. To order such jewelry designed and made by Beavers, 1/2 deposit on the total estimated cost would be required, before a new piece is started.
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Shipping Information: $6. for 1-3 items; $8. for 4-8 items; $10. for 9-12 items.
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     We ship anywhere within the continental US and Alaska and Hawaii [Alaska and Hawaii, shipping is an extra cost]
     We accept all MAJOR CREDIT CARDS through [our account there is] or via land mail: Money order or Cashier's Check.