The very Foundation of all Healing Must be Jesus Christ, our Divine Healer. If You, the reader,  do not currently believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross; that He carried all of our sins and paid the heavy price for us, so we could have a personal relationship with GOD Almighty, through Him,  Jesus Christ, then I pray that after You have read this book, You will believe and ask Jesus to come into your heart and make Him Lord of your life for all eternity.
The Healing Quotient that brings healing and restored good health, includes many persons; factors and God’s Word and God Almighty, Himself. When a person has gone to their doctor and has been given a diagnosis of a serious disease, such as Cancer; Diabetes; Heart Problems, etc., then the next action that should be taken is to pray to God, asking for healing, but even more important, asking God what His Will is for them/You. If You have not done this, I highly recommend that You set aside time now. Time to be alone with GOD, Jesus and His Holy Spirit, seeking, asking Him what His plans are for You and your future.
Physicians are an important part of the Healing Quotient, but they should not be the Leader or Your god. Physicians, as they even will admit, if they are honest, have limited knowledge. If You have gotten a diagnosis from your Primary Care Physician of a life limiting disease, know that diagnosis is not the end of all. Our Lord, Jesus, is truly the Great Physician and to Him should we come for Consultation. The true Healing Quotient includes a physician, who’s faith is based on Jesus Christ, for no true full health care should exclude Jesus Christ.
In this book, I have attempted, to my best effort, with Our Lord’s guidance, to guide You, the Reader, through the steps necessary to obtain your full Healing. These steps are only a guide. Each person is an individual and so each person’s health care, must be individualized. However, there are some certain general guidelines and steps that have been shown to bring forth healing and restored good health. These basics are what I have laid down and shared in this book. I pray that what I have learned by experience and what I share in this book, will also work for your health problems(s).
I must remind the Reader that there are so many factors that either work for or against the process of working towards receiving back their good health. You, the Patient, are The Main factor in this Healing Quotient. You will need to take charge of and make all decisions regarding all future steps and actions taken in your battle for your healing. That might include you going before God and asking forgiveness for sins, either hidden or known; learning, through the reading of God’s Word, how to walk in Positive Unwavering Faith; placing your care providers in their proper place in your life and this battle, as advisers, not complete controllers over You and your Life. Write down your wishes and instructions, dating and signing it, so those joining you in this battle will have your specific instructions in writing. In your health battle, be prepared for friends, family and others, who love and care about you, to question your decisions and methods. If everything you do is with God’s Holy Spirit’s guidance, then You will be able to stand firm and continue to do what God has shown You to do.
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