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This book, "The Healing Quotient" is available on CD for $3. plus $3. shipping. Contact us via our e-mail:
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"The Healing Quotient
by Linda Witte [Curran]
     This book is written from the author's [Linda Curran] experience fighting cancer using all natural and alternative methods. The author's husband, Dan Witte, was fighting throat cancer [due to smoking]. During the cancer battle, the author, Linda, was also diagnosed with cancer, [stomach and lower throat due to acid reflux].
This book is Christian faith based, includes scriptures that speak about healing; a poem written by the author, written from during the trauma of the battle. This book is written to remind the cancer patient they are not alone in this battle and to allow family and caregivers to be included in the battle. This book also speaks to those who are battling along with the cancer patient.  Since this is written during the author's personal  cancer battle, it can be a good help, as it lets the reader walk a bit in the author's shoes.
      We are offering this [COPYRIGHTED] book on CD. When purchased, this book cannot be copied, printed to be sold [one can print it out for the purchaser's own use ONLY], CD copied in any way, for any purpose.
      This book, on CD, is written using Word Processor, year version 2007. 
     Our low price, [USA shipping] is: $3. for the CD plus $3. shipping - insurance is extra.
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